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I officially survived my first semester at mines!  This first semester has been full of change but I am pleased to say I enjoyed every minute of it. 

After a nice Thanksgiving break, I went back to school and had finals the following week.  Overall, my finals went well and I got descent grades in my classes.  The day before my first final was “dead day” meaning no classes were held.  This provided much needed study time and there were many opportunities for help.  Massages were even provided to help students relax! Everyone celebrated after we took our last final and the semester was over. 

Despite all the time I spent studying, I found lots of time for social activities.  On the weekends I have gone bowling, shopping at the mall, played laser tag and watched lots of movies.   A few weeks ago, my floor made sandwiches and went down to Denver to pass them out to the homeless.  This was a great opportunity to give back to the area and spend some time with the people on my floor.  The town of Golden did a fantastic job decorating with Christmas lights so it was fun to walk around downtown and along the creek to check out the lights. 

I am looking forward to my schedule next semester with differential equations, physics 2, chemistry 2, Nature and Human Values, research, and a PA class.  I’m excited to make even more friends and become more involved on campus. 

After experiencing my first semester at mines, I know I made the correct decision regarding which school to attend.   I can’t wait to get back to school and enjoy the next few years at mines. 

It is hard to believe that it is already the end of October and the end of the semester is fast approaching!  I’m already beginning to plan my schedule for next semester.  The past month has been full of fun and new adventures.

 My classes are going great and I am enjoying all of them! Surprisingly, I am even liking physics! By going to office hours and group study sessions, I have been able to do well on all of my tests.  Last week after an intense round of tests my floor made mac and cheese and watched the Lion King to relax after a stressful week. 

Even though I spend a lot of time studying, I always find time to take breaks and have fun.  I have found working out to be very important.  The rec center here at mines is beautiful and working out helps me relieve stress and improves my focus.  Sporting events are great opportunities to hang out with friends and cheer on fellow students.  This past weekend I watched the Mines volleyball game.  On Sunday I got to leave campus and see the Broncos beat the Redskins with my dad.  If I want to relax, I often take a walk with friends down by the creek or around Golden.  Our campus and town is beautiful so I definitely recommend getting out and exploring.

Opportunities are truly endless at Mines.  By joining groups and clubs, I have made so many friends and have become really involved on campus. A few weeks ago, I helped out with Girl Scout badge day as a part of the Society of Women Engineers.  For club tennis, I traveled to Hilton Head, South Carolina to compete in a team tennis tournament.  The pre-med society has been a fantastic resource to help prepare for medical school and meet people with similar interests. 

My first semester at Mines has been amazing and I am looking forward to what’s to come!

My name is Lyndsey and I am a freshman here at Mines.  I currently live in Maple hall.  I am planning on majoring in chemical and biochemical engineering and then going to medical school.  I have been at Mines for a month and half and so far it has been incredible.  I hope that by reading this blog you will learn about my experiences and what School of Mines is all about.  

My first weekend at Mines was filled with major changes and adventures.  There were so many activities where I met new people and became familiar with the campus.  Orientation weekend ended with the “M” climb where we hiked up the mountain with our hometown rock.  This consisted of singing our school song, being sprayed with water guns, and eating ice pops.  Once we made it to the big “M” everyone threw white wash on each other (and a little bit on our rocks). 

After orientation weekend classes began.  This semester I am taking epics, calculus III, chemistry 1, physics 1, PA (physical activity) and CSM101.  Although it can be difficult to transition from the workload and expectations from high school to college, I love all of my classes.  My professors are very helpful and all professors hold office hours where you can get extra help.  In addition to office hours, you can get help through academic excellence workshops, casa tutoring and resuscitation sessions.  I found it especially helpful to form study groups and work with friends. So far I have had three exams and they were not as difficult as I was anticipating.  In addition, I am working in a research lab.  This has been an amazing opportunity and a lot of fun.

There have been several other events at school to prepare students for their careers and provide opportunities to get involved.  Early this month I went to the career day.  Mines brings in over 200 companies to come and recruit students.  Although this it is rare for freshmen to get internships, this was a great opportunity to practice speaking with company representatives.  This was a little overwhelming but I am so glad I went so I am more prepared in future years when I want to get an internship or job.  During the first couple weeks of school, there was Celebration of Mines.  This was a fun night where students could check out all the clubs and organizations on campus, get free food and prizes and socialize with friends.  I signed up for every group that I was interested so I would get more information and then decided what groups to become involved with later.  I definitely recommend going to Celebration of Mines and to become involved in organizations that match your interests.  I joined Society of Women Engineers, the pre-med society, the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  I also joined the club tennis team and will be playing in a tournament in South Carolina in two weeks.  My floor also formed an intramural flag football and ultimate Frisbee team.  These clubs and teams provide great study breaks and opportunities to meet some amazing people. 

Although Mines is a lot of work, I find time to have fun and hang out with friends.  A typical day consists of classes, going to the gym, homework and then an intermural game, tennis, movie, etc.  To be successful, I have found it important to plan out my schedule and leave room for study breaks.   The weekends at Mines are a lot of fun.  Earlier in the year we would go for a hike or go tubing down clear creek.   This weekend was homecoming so on Friday night we went to the women’s soccer game and then watched fireworks.  On Saturday we went to the football game and had a great time. 

I hope this gave you a little insight into what life at Mines is like.  I will continue to make posts regarding my daily experiences. 

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